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Overland Aviation
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Phone: 701-875-4334

Pilots operating at the Williston Basin International Airport (XWA), may park their aircraft free of charge on the southern half of the General Aviation (GA) apron.

Overland Aviation, the Airport’s Fixed Based Operator (FBO), leases the northern half of the GA apron. Pilots that park their aircraft on the leased portion of the GA apron and/or utilize FBO services may be required to pay certain rates and charges.

Pilots and their passengers may utilize the public corridor which leads from the GA apron to the landside public parking lot. Restrooms, seating, and vending machines are available to the public in this area. Access through this corridor is gained by use of a pin pad located next to the door. Pilots and passengers that enter the FBO lobby or utilize FBO services beyond this corridor may be required to pay certain rates and charges.

For more information, please call Overland Aviation at 701-875-4334.

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