Airport Parking Information

Airport Parking Information:

To pay a parking citation or for more parking information, please contact Republic Parking.

To pay for parking online, or pay for additional days, you can download the Parkmobile App on your smartphone or visit, create an account and follow the on screen instructions. To register online, you will require the vehicle's license plate number, stall number, and one of the lot zone numbers found below:

Short Term Lot Zone Number: 5261
Economy Lot Zone Number: 5279

To pay for parking at the airport: There are two kiosks in the Airport terminal and two kiosks in the economy lot to enter your stall number, and the duration of your stay. You do NOT need to put the receipt in your vehicle, but keep the receipt as proof of payment.

Parking near the airport terminal is $9/day and parking in the economy lot is $7/day, however due to increased flight activity the airport has instituted the following Parking Restrictions:

Sloulin Field International Airport
Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. The City of Williston is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles while they are parked in the Airport’s parking lot.
  2. You must pay prior to leaving on an aircraft.
  3. Vehicles can be parked as long as the space is being paid for.
  4. Parking is $9 per day near the terminal (labeled short term) and $7 per day in the economy parking lot (labeled long term).
  5. For any vehicle parked outside of the designated parking spaces the Airport reserves the right to tow the vehicle at the owner’s expense.
  6. No large commercial vehicles are allowed to be parked in the Airport’s parking lot.
  7. Any vehicle leaking fluids is subject to tow.
  8. Any vehicle impeding snow removal operations is subject to tow.