Parking Information

Williston Basin International Airport Parking Information:

Parking Rates are established by the City of Williston.  The parking rates are:
 0-60 Minutes $0.00
 1 Hour – 2 Hours  $3.00
 2 Hours - 4 Hours  $6.00
 4 Hours - 6 Hours  $8.00
 6 Hours - 24 Hours  $10.00
 Weekly Maximum  $60.00
  1. When entering the parking lot, please take a parking ticket from the gate arm machine.  Be sure to keep this ticket to leave the parking lot!
  2. When leaving the parking lot, place your parking ticket in the machine and make payment by credit card or cash.  Gate should open at this time.
  3. If the gate does not open, please press the intercom button for assistance or call 701-339-6294.
  4. TSA recommends all passengers arrive 90 minutes prior to their schedule aircraft departure.

Parking Map