Please click here for the waiver detailed below.

Sloulin Field International Airport (City of Williston) is responsible for maintaining airfield pavements as required by the FAA Grant Assurances – Sponsor Certification 11 – Pavement Preventative Maintenance.

Sloulin Field International Airport has and will continue to act in good faith to maintain the airfield pavement surfaces and will act immediately to repair any damage to airport paved surfaces in the future. An engineering study of the airfield pavement was completed in June of 2012 which concluded that the taxiways and runways on the airport are capable of supporting weights of dual wheel configured aircraft between 38,000 lbs and 185,000 lbs. The range on runway 11/29 is between 38,000 lbs and 65,000 lbs.

By signing this MOU, the aircraft operator shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City of Williston, its elected representatives, officers and employees from and against liabilities for damage to aircraft operator’s aircraft or injuries to persons directly related to the failure of any airfield pavement surfaces by the operation of the aircraft operator’s aircraft at the airport.

By signing this MOU, the aircraft operator agrees to pay the City of Williston  a landing and ARFF fee of $2,000.00. The operator will also notify the airport 24 hours prior to an arrival or changes to a schedule. Schedule must be submitted 24 hours prior to beginning a regular service.

By signing this MOU, Sloulin Field International Airport acknowledges they are responsible for any repairs to pavement resulting from operations by aircraft operator and will not seek reimbursement from aircraft operator for those operators that agree to operate at or below 53,000 lbs. This weight limitation is for all surfaces on Sloulin Field International Airport.

Please contact the Airport at 701-774-8594 or with any questions.