XWA Badging Procedures

Complete Access Application:

  • Complete the XWA access application and have it signed by your company’s Authorized Signatory

 Make Appointment:

  • Book your appointments online (see below) or contact Airport Operations at 701-580-5699 .

First Appointment, Background Check:

  • Bring the following to your badging appointment:
    • 2 forms of unexpired government issued identification – 1 to establish identity and 1 to establish employment authorization. Examples include:
      • Driver’s License and U.S. Passport
      • Driver’s License and Certified Birth Certificate
      • Driver’s License and Social Security Card
  • Badge fees will be due unless they are covered by your employer
    • $70 – SIDA Badge
    • $30 – AOA-only badge
  • Information from the access application will be sent to the Transportation Security Clearinghouse to be approved for any airport issued badge. SIDA badge applicants must also complete and pass the Criminal History Records Check (CHRC), conducted through fingerprinting. It may take one week or longer to receive clearances for the security background checks. To verify the status of your background check, please contact your employer or signatory.
  • Badge Office is located in the ARFF/SRE Building at 14145 Dedication Drive. Public parking is available.

 Security Training:

  • Once you successfully pass the security background checks, your employer or signatory will be notified by Airport Operations. A second appointment can now be made to complete security training at the badging office. The training and testing may take up to 1 hour and applicants must score at least 80% on all tests.
  • Applicants who fail to score at least 80% will be required to reschedule for another training session, no earlier than the next day.

 Obtain Badge:

  • After successfully completing Security Training, you are ready to be badged.

 Badge Replacement Procedures:

  • If you lose your badge, report the loss immediately to airport operations at 701-580-5699.
  • Lost, stolen, or unreturned badges will result in a fee to be charged to the badge holder.
    • $70 – SIDA Badge
    • $30 – AOA Badge
XWA Badge Application

Online Booking: