Airport Badging Policies:

An airport access badge is required to enter the secured fenced area of the Sloulin Field International Airport. In order to reduce the likelihood of an aircraft/vehicle collision the Airport requires that all persons driving on the airport have an Airport issued driving permit. However the airport will only issue an Airport ID/ driving permits to persons for reasons listed below:

  1. Owns or operates an aircraft based at Sloulin Field International Airport
  2. Owns or operates an aeronautical business on Sloulin Field International Airport
  3. Rents monthly hangar space from the airport or Landmark Aviation
  4. Show justifiable need to the Airport Director for access to ramp.

To acquire an airport access badge:

  • You must have a current driver license
  • You must complete the Airfield Driver Training class
  • You must pass a written airport driving exam administered by Williston Airport Operations
  • You must pass a practical airport driving exam administered by Williston Airport Operations

The driving exam is a class portion and written test that can be taken between 9AM - 3:30PM Monday - Friday only. You must be scheduled ahead of time by contacting airport operations at 701-580-5699.

Prior to coming in to take the exam:

  • Please fill out the top portion of the Driving Application
  • If you work for a company on the airfield, their Vehicle Operations Coordinator must sign the above application
  • Study the Airport Driver Training Study Guide

If you have any questions regarding acquiring an Airport Access Badge, please contact Airport Management at 701-774-8594.

Please read FAA AC 150/5210-20 for more information